Was rapper Drake arrested for having sex with a minor?


Summary: Canadian rapper Drake was arrested for having sex with a minor in Toronto.

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Date(s) active: Jun 2015


Rumours that rapper Drake was arrested for having sex with a minor – identified as a 16 year old girl – are floating across social media. The rumors link back to an article published on website that reads in part –

Drake, age 28, was arrested Monday morning after Toronto police received reports that Drake had checked into a hotel room with a a 16 year old girl and was thought to be having sexual intercourse after witnesses heard what appeared to be moans and shouting. The police arrived shortly after being called and without hesitation, busted in Drakes room, says Marissa Gambill, a witness who was staying next door to Drakes hotel suite. They busted in Drakes room and we heard Drake scream very loud finished Gambill.

However the rumour are entirely false. Naturally mainstream media would report on such breaking news in the world of celedom swiftly, but no mainstream media outlet has reported on any such story.

The story is not to be taken seriously. For those who read the article fully, it would perhaps dawn on them that the story was fake when assertions that the rapper began to “sing his saddest songs” in the police car, assertions that would unlikely break were it a genuine article.

In reality the story is the creation of popular fake news website where the rumours link back to.

There is a disclaimer on the website that outs the website as publishing fictional news. It reads in part – is a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.

This ultimately means that Huzlers is just one of many websites that publish fake news under the guise of satire. We refer to this as “fauxtire”. You can read more about fake news fauxtire websites here and how they differ from real satire sites.

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