Yung Danii Dark Angel

Daniel Soyer also known as Yung Danii, born an grown in Trinidad an Tobago for 17 years of his life until he migrated to Toronto Canada in 2013 to pursue his dreams as a soccer player but as the time moved on he realize that music was his true passion an from there he has grown to become a very talented young artist an a great song writer, Yung Danii first showed everyone that he was about music when he released his first mixtape “Know Betta Mixtape” produce by Gyde music, from there he went on to doing shows with big names like Fred E Fame to releasing one of the most hype songs of the winter season “6ix side ft Stubbz” he later on in 2014-2015 began working on his album “The Journey” having a big hit song “dark angel” now Yung Danii is currently working on his EP “S.I.T 6” collaborating with a couple of artist in the Toronto area, the young artist has also branded his self as YDM “young Danii movement” so we look forward to seeing what he brings to us in this new year of 2016.

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