Wisdom of a Wolf: The G Behind the Unit (Volume 1)

Wisdom of a Wolf, is the bold, new memoir by Bang ‘Em Smurf that seeks to put to rest the many questions in the minds of fans and foes alike. Much has been said about Smurf’s triumph on the streets of Queens, New York, and the fall-outs that followed. There were countless interviews by those who heard rumours. But there is nothing like getting the true story from the horse’s mouth. There has really been a one-sided account of the story to this day. But now readers are about to discover for themselves what really went down and what made Smurf who he is today. He is a man just like any other who seeks to return to his feet while holding strong.

The epic story unfolds with a flashback to his early days in Trinidad when as a boy in the community of Morvant he learned about loyalty to family and friends. A lesson that would later see him devoting his life to his community wherever that is. Wisdom of a Wolf, takes us through Smurf’s preparation for life from the streets of New York to where and when his journey with Hip Hop started. That experience involved encounters with some of the legendary greats of that industry. We then move on to his incarceration and how that impacted his life Then, we delve into his deportation to Trinidad and Tobago and the aftermath. As well as, the culture shock and, the reintegration back into a society so similar in some ways to New York but different in many aspects. Smurf is well known too for looking out for those who have been oppressed. So, we will discover what he has been up to in life on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Take a look inside: Wisdom of a Wolf and discover for yourself a self-made man who tells it as it is while dropping words of wisdom for the young ones.

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