VETA x Cryminal x Kegan Taylor- Rolling In A Foreign Used / Fantasy

In today’s 3rd episode of Trini Throwback Thursdays (ttt) we put the spotlight on  Veta who made waves with this release which is very familiar to Trinidadian people who purchase foreign used cars (cars that were previously owned by an individual living in another country such as the US, China etc) and customize them to improve on speed, audio quality as well as the interior and exterior appearance. This is an ongoing culture that has been practiced for decades and has also been marketed as a medium of entertainment for competing events such as a “car show” where the features of a car are displayed  or “sound off” where car owners demonstrate their audio quality for prizes.

The song also features Cryminal who is better known for his versatile lyrics and flow in the former local group called 3suns, and also includes Kegan Taylor who featured in the first part of the video singing the RnB style hook for another of Veta’s singles called “fantasy”

Check out the video above and let us know what you think!


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