Trini producer celebrates as New York rapper snaps up beat

A Trinidadian rapper/producer who had begun to question his future in music is today celebrating the use of one of his beats by a rising star on the US hip hop scene.

If you’ve heard Troy Ave’s “I Usually Don’t”, which was released yesterday, then you are already familiar with the beat created by Jerome Scoon known in the rap fraternity as Yung Scoona.

“I have been on the underground hip hop scene for like a decade now and an A& R scout for Sony Records reached out to people he was looking at and asked them to send music.  I had some beats on my phone and that particular one was three years old. I kept it because my roommate wanted me to send it to him as a ringtone. That was the only old beat I sent him out of the nine I sent. He went to Lil Mama first but she was taking long to respond and then he messaged and said Troy took the song and it was released on Thursday,” said Scoon.

The song is featured on Ave’s new mixtape White Christmas.

Ave is a New York rapper who has been compared to Fifty Cent so much that the veteran rapper has taken him under his wing. He included Ave’s music an episode of “Power” and collaborated with him on a track called “Bang Bang”.

Asked how he felt about having his beat used by a rising star in hip hop, Scoon said he felt good.

“The thing is I just turned 30 last month and it’s been a bit of an existential crisis. I have been doing music for the love, we don’t get monetary gain for our art. I reached a point in my life where  I was trying to figure things out,” he said.

In addition to Ave, Scoon has also sold a beat to a guy by the name of Shah Ansari, an Indian rapper. Scoon said Ansari asked him to sing the hook and has invited him to appear in the video which will be shot in Martinique.

All of these developments have fueled Scoon to make his mark as a rapper. He is in the finishing stages of his album, tentatively titled TALE, an acronym for Truth About Life on Earth.

“All of this is coming at the right time,” he said.

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