Throwback Thursday Edition Ep 4-Cheese Pie and Pack Juice (Official Video) Wanke, Trapstar, Da Face, Mega

Cheese pie and pack juice, is a Trini Classic from 2012 which was recorded on Driicky Graham’s snap back and tattoos instrumental. It was recorded by David Hamilton also known as “da face” and memebers of the mecasmiastic entertainment team, Wanke, Trapstar and Mega on the mixtape “Buh Wais Dis?” (But what is this)

Cheese pie which is a baked pastry filled with cheese and pack juice which is packaged in a strong type of plastic bag is an affordable meal combination that can be purchased from street vendors around the clock. This song was very popular for its catchy phrases that everyone could relate to, especially among school children.

Enjoy the video above


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  • We wear our clothes to da back cuz inside out
  • Keep the grass cut so you could see the snakes
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