Track List
1.T Rap ft R Jamezz & Skullo – Skippin 5 Intro
2.T Rap ft Young G – Keep it Cool with me
3.T Rap – Red Ops Remix (Pull Up)
4.T Rap ft Polo – Fill Her Up
5.T Rap ft Young G – Legal Statement
6.T Rap ft Young G – Cash Right
7.T Rap – 2030 ft Skullo & Marco Polo
8.T Rap ft Young G – You Could Get it
9.T Rap – Immortal In my Prime
10.T Rap ft R Jamezz – Independent
11.Haphaz ft T Rap – Legend
12.T Rap – Going Crazy ft Quentin Miller
13.Haphaz ft Khemyst – Im the One ( T Rap)
14.T Rap ft R Jamezz – Gotta Get it How you Ca

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