Featurettes Presents the “Trini Cyphers” series

Trini Cyphers is a series created to showcase raw Trini Talent, we are all too familiar with the Soca and Reggae artists of T&T, this forum illustrates HipHop at its purest form while keep it 100% Trini. Trini Cyphers is a HipHopTT exclusive production alongside Wizzkydd & DeeJay Pun(Punz Entertainment).


HipHopTT Interviews

This is where we host raw, uncut and in-depth interviews with your favorite local HipHop artist and industry insiders, we peel back the layers and  delve deep into the music, controversy and everything else that makes up the gritty local HipHop scene…..










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  • Who won this battle?? hiphoptt rapdiss trinihiphop trinidad
  • Interview OUT NOW!that dude had a lot to saywwwhiphopttcom
  • Damn!!this pic cold as ice
  • Picture its the mid 90s you just got your 1st