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misfittMisfitt is a rapper and record producer from the twin islands Trinidad and Tobago. He grew up listening to hip hop, singing along to all of the songs word for word. By the time he was 13 he started to rap, forming a group called “school boyz productions” with his friends who was also into music at the time.  It was more of a hobby back then. He only started taking it seriously in his last years of secondary school, forming another group called “L3K” and posting freestyle videos online. Going by da name of “Saint” back then, later changing it because another rapper goes by that name. He finished school and by that time he only wanted to do music. He recorded songs from his laptop and sent it to his friends to critique, knowing the quality was badly off he never released those songs.

Wanting to push even further, he decided to go learn how to professionally record music. He did a course learning music production and sound engineering and an that was the beginning of his journey.

Check out his song above called “Bad”

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