Event Coverage– True Talk No Lie-27-June-18-Feat. Da Face

We went down to the TTNL Event at The Black Box on the 27th of June and spoke to some of the HipHop acts that performed as well as covered the phenomenal album preview by Da Face of Future Crab studios…

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In a startling new development, the *Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago* (TATT)has tonight issued instructions to Television and Cable Providers to *REMOVE Synergy TV* from its line up, effective *IMMEDATELY.* Though TATT has chosen to remain mum on the reason for this move, or why they have chosen to “flex” their regulatory muscles at this point in time, questions still remain unanswered about the uncertainty and the future of its staff. With almost all being placed on the breadline.
This is the second local station that had been closed by TATT within the past few years. As you may remember, WIN TV was shut down on the 16 June 2016, over an issue regarding nonpayment of fees, something that local providers have called on numerous times to be reviewed.
SYNERGY TV was launched in March 2003, by then Xtatic band member Peter C Lewis. This station was an avenue for many local entertainers and designers to showcase their work. Headquartered at 19 Ariapita Ave, Port of Spain, this closure will also bring to an end many local shows such as Crime Watch, Synergy TV Soca Star, Synergy Nights LIVE, Roll Call, Dynasty Chutney, Concert Series, I Love My Ride, Pete’s Picks, Friday Nights Live, Soca Acts, Synergy Sports, Synergy TV Supermodel, Entertainment News, Karry Yuh Key, Chutney Island, Wrap Up, Synergy Sundays, Synergy Chutney Star and Yuh Done Kno.

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King TuT – Full Interview

Did you catch our Facebook Live session Thursday 10th May 2018 where we aired this Interview with local Rapper/Actor King TuT??…Just in case you did miss it… here is the full Interview….Enjoy!

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Da Face mini interview- Full

Did you catch our Live session Thursday 26th April where we aired this mini Interview with local Rapper/Rapso Artiste Da Face??…Just in case you did miss it… here is the full clip….Enjoy!

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