London on da Track on Young Thug: 10 tracks recorded in one day!

In a recent Vlad Tv interview, producer “London on the Track” talks about his experience in the music industry and about how he went from playing the piano at weddings to charting on Billboard with his song “Hookah” with Tyga. Initially, London tells DJ Vlad that he did the song with Young Thug and only wanted a verse from Tyga, but eventually, Tyga took the song and released it on his own. Though he says they were mad about the move, they still have a good relationship with Tyga.

Further along in the interview, London talked about his working relationship with “Thugga” and admitted that he was the easiest person to work with since he can complete a project faster than most artists. “He’ll do a song in 10-minutes [and] when I work with other artists it makes me feel like I don’t even want to be there because they take hours to do a song.” He explained, “We be doing ten songs in one day. We’ll have a whole mixtape in one day.

A lot of hip hop fans disagree with this statement as Young Thug is considered a “mumble rapper” as given to recent hip hop artists for their poor pronunciation of words that is limited and simple in terms of lyrical content as well as their emphasis on composing songs which focuses mainly on sounding good and not being of much substance as it is without crafty word play, metaphors and lyrics that do not connect its audience with serious issues. They debate that Young Thug can only be able to complete so many songs in such a short time because he isnt doing much more than grunting and blurting random words here and there. Mumble rappers are mainly bashed for their poor representation of the hip hop culture . They however argue their point of “old heads” not being able to adapt to change and that their songs may be simple but they are very effective as they have successfully made a name for themselves while other rappers have fell off.

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