Kendrick Lamar Talks Oval Office Meeting With Barack Obama

President Barack Obama recently proclaimed that his favorite song of 2015 was Kendrick Lamar‘s “How Much a Dollar Cost,” and today it was revealed that the Commander-in-Chief and the To Pimp a Butterfly rapper sat down in the Oval Office to discuss a variety of topics. Photos from Lamar’s meeting with the president were shared in a new video promoting the Pay It Forward program, which encourages the mentoring of inner city youth, with the rapper opening about his conversation with Obama.

“I look at where I’m at today and realize that most of my success is owed to the mentors that was in my life,” Lamar says in the Pay It Forward video. “I sat down with President Barack Obama and shared the same views. Topics concerning the inner cities, the problems, the solutions, and furthermore embracing the youth, both being aware that mentoring saves lives.”

Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett shed some more light on the president’s encounter with Lamar in an interview with Buzzfeed. “You know what the president said to him,” Jarrett said. “[Because Lamar] was a little nervous — bless his heart, he’s really a very nice young man, and the president said, ‘Can you believe that we’re both sitting in this Oval Office?'”


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