Throwback Thursday Edition Ep2-True Soldierz – Spotrushaz

Spotrushaz is one of the first well known rap groups from twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago that was founded in 1997. Spotrushaz, or the “SR Family” as they are affectionately known, is one of Trinidad & Tobago’s most eclectic music collaborations which originally comprised of 4 artistes of diverse backgrounds, each brought a wealth of skill & experience to the group.

The group was re-established in 2000 and welcomed Meet Source in 2008 who brought the introduction of a Dancehall element, to the intitally strictly Hip Hop group. Now with two members, work has been put in and From mid 2010, they started releasing new singles off their album while doing live band performances at various venues across the country. They also performed as an opening act at the Nas and Junior Gong concert held later that year as part of their world acclaimed Distant Relatives tour.

SR FAM continue to feed off the pulse of their environment while working on new material to inspire and entertain their loyal fans and supporters.
Although still part of group, Meet Source and Tim Starr are currently working on their solo albums and in line with this, have released a series of singles and music videos over the past year.

Only great things can be expected from the SR FAM as they continue share their talent and unique musical style with the world. They have without a doubt made a veritable mark on the local music industry and will continue to do so.

Check out this throwback classic…True Soldierz


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Endangered Species – The Mixtape By Krazy Kurtastrophy



in post2Endangered Species is a compilation of tracks by Trinidad and Tobago artist Krazy Kurtastrophy. Being a founding member of the group Kayotic Verbal Automatics and 4th Parameter under the banner of Central Nervous System Production, the Mixtape was released for fans to get familiar with the artiste known as Krazy Kurtastrophy as he gets ready to release his other group projects. The Mixtape also shines light on other artiste within Krazy Kurtastrophy’s circle as it features emcees such as Reverse, Make It Hap’n, Enygma, Jason YG, Trakslasha, Don Druma, Dialectic and St. Ans. With all beats original, the Mixtape could easily be considered an album featuring production by Flexer Beats, Central Nervous System, Prospec Entertainment, Xplicit Entertainment,Trakslasha,Mike Magic and Mo’Times Productions. This project is mixture of dope hardcore hiphop and Caribbean slang that almost anyone can relate to.The title Endangered Species represents everything missing from hip hop today, from the lyrical content to the hard hitting beats as well as the appreciation for the culture on the whole.

Download the album here.

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HipHopTT-Throwback Thursday Edition Ep1- Bang Em Smurf- Man’s Man

In Episode 1 of our Trini Throwback Thursday (ttt) segment, we put the spotlight on Bang Em Smurf, Trinidadian born ex G-Unit affiliate who returned to our shores in 2008 and has been heavily involved in the Hip Hop movement in Trinidad and Tobago. Also a member of and founder of Feed Da Wolves entertainment, he intends to encourage and create avenues for artists to showcase their raw talent to the rest of the world. Smurf is currently  working on his script for his first movie debut “you ain’t no killer”

Check out his video for a man’s man which comes from his first solo project “blacklisted” which was released in 2012. Produced by: Nameless Music
Directed by: Grassroot

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