50 Cent Blasts Today’s Rappers For Lack Of “Authenticity”

During a raucous and predictably smoke-filled episode of Snoop Dogg’s web series GGN, 50 Cent had some not-so kind things to say about today’s new MCs.

“I miss how important authenticity was,” Fiddy said. “It was so important that you have your own style. Your own energy connected to those actual records. And we see some of those same vibes and things come out in decisions you make now creatively. So, we see it was your actual influence. It wasn’t something that was given to you. A lot of the artists… what I find now in our culture is that things are trending. So, they’re following what the last person just did. Instead of offering something new it’s the same thing.”

G-unit was also on the show, and there was discussion of the role Snoop played in mending the once fractured relationship between 50 Cent and G-Unit member Young Buck, who in 2008 had had well-publicized falling out over Buck’s spending habit.

Speaking of money, Snoop also chimed in about the debt today’s rappers owe to Master P. (Yeah, Snoop and Fiddy were doing a sort of aggrieved grandfather thing during the episode.)

“If it wasn’t for No Limit it wouldn’t be no money in rap,” Snoop, who spent a couple years on the label, explained. “And mothafuckas can look at me like they crazy right now, but nigga, it was no money in rap until Master P came out. Nigga, I was on Death Row Records. We made more money than any of you niggas, all you rap labels. Suge had all the money. He gave us a little bit. But nigga, when Master P came out everybody on No Limit had money. We had money, guns, cars, everything. Thank you, Master P.” The entire episode is below:

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